Friday, November 20, 2009

Is this art, or an abandoned bonfire frame?

I'm not sure what this stack of driftwood on the riverbank today is... perhaps Covington's version of crop circles? I should have twisted up a couple of those Blair Witch totem twig/wicker dolls and left them scattered around to complete the vibe.

From Covington Blog 2009

Reviewing the post, I realize that the perspective and the very short lens makes it look like a little campfire stack. I didn't walk down to see it up close, but it looked taller than my 6 feet.


Mark said...

I used to make weird branch teepees like this when I worked at Coney Island about 25 years ago. I had to work on the pedal boats and at the end of the year it was too cold for anyone to want to take them out. We had to sit around and either throw rocks in the lake or build goofy things like this (although ours were smaller).

Maybe one of the old Coney employees went rogue, stayed by the river, and kept making these things.

Jim said...

Hmmmm... could be. Some old friends and I used to attribute anything like this found when camping to a long-hidden tribe of half-bat, half-racoon "batcoons."