Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photos from the Paris Catacomb Ossuary

Happy Halloween!

It was tough to get any good shots in the dark, ancient catacombs under Paris - I couldn't use flash or tripod.  Nor would they let me build a platform out of human femurs.  Even the ones I brought with me.


Mark said...

Great to see you're back. How well do they guard the bones? Could you slip a novelty talking skull in the middle of them?

Jim said...

Wow, that would be hilarious. The sitting guard I passed was snoring, and the guide was out of sight when I held back to take photos. The whole thing is amazingly unfunded and loosely organized. The entrance looks like a residence, a hard to find door on an unremarkable side street. The spiral staircase leading to the tunnels was so narrow I basically leaned against the outer wall and slid along for a surprisingly long time. It was far deeper than I expected, and there were no sounds at all coming from the busy mid-week streets of downtown Paris above.