Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween in Covington - the legendary Downunder party

The zombie crawl starts at Molly Malone's, where I'm told they are going to have the makeup and clothes to turn you undead if you don't already have a costume.

The Downunder has built quite a reputation for being where the real Halloween madness unhinges, between Amy's and Anna's boundless enthusiasm and artist Bret Schulte's occult summoning of assorted voodoo priestesses and sundry critters of the night. Bret proposed to his fiancée at the hotel where the Shining was filmed, and they plan to have the wedding there. Need I say more?

Well here's more anyway... live music by the J. Dorsey Blues Revival.

I didn't take all these photos... I let the crowd pass around my camera each of the nights.

The Kermit costume has its own growing reputation since I donated it to Amy's collection of Big Heads. As a warm up for the Halloween when I made it, I wore it while singing "Rainbow Connection" at Downunder's Tuesday karaoke night.

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