Thursday, October 28, 2010

Covington sunset after the wind storm

The wind storm a few days ago was pretty impressive.  I hoped to get some shots during it, but the rain was too much for the equipment to bear.  However, it was a beautiful sunset afterwards:

I'm not promising anything, but I am going to try to overcome my curmudgeonly instincts about this social networking thing over the next few weeks.

On that subject, Twitter exhausts me even in concept.  I was quite an early adopter before it came along, but it hit the mainstream coincidently at a time when my sociability was at low ebb, and it looked more like a hailstorm than a cocktail party to me.  I was much more motivated to maintain an online presence when this blog was a vent for my political outrage.

How do you really follow thousands of others posting their stream of consciousness in tiny blurts?  What do you use as a front end to turn that info dump into coherent threads, and filter for meaningful nuggets?

I see that in the months I've neglected this site, the comments have become spam central.  I'll deal with that as well.  The more bitter, radicalized, and insane the comment boards all over the internet get, the more I am attracted to the "real names" movement.  Anonymity has its place, but everything seems to attract a shitstorm of phishing spams and tea-bircher tourette gibberish.