Monday, September 14, 2009

Spooky HDR of the old Booth Hospital

Thanks for the compliments on the shot of the bridge.  Here's another HDR image with the spooky turned up to 11:

From Covington Blog 2009
The original William Booth Memorial Hospital was converted to residences, and now is the Governor's Point condominium complex in the heart of the historic district on Second Street.

Here you can find a series of postcards showing the various incarnations of the building from 1905 to 1960.


Ron Turner said...

Love the photos. Covington has such beautiful old buildings.

Jim said...

It certainly does. I've got lots more to post, and I'm far from bored with the HDR technique. I'm willing to put more time into that kind of processing than most photographers, because I came to the hobby first through astrophotography. After aligning and optimizing stacks of a thousand frames, doing the three I commonly use for HDRs is a walk in the park.

I need to get over to Newport to shoot the Southgate House. I bet that would look great in the format.

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