Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Starburst streetlamps

I believe I took this at the same time as the flood photo below... the continuing sleet created interesting atmospherics. Bone-cold and moody, it was definitely a night for black and white.

From Covington Blog 2009

...update: after the jump, the hardy ducks who shared the night with me...

I don't know why these ducks aren't migratory, but they're here all winter, through some amazingly bitter weather.  The nice thing about the one male's territoriality is that in an effort to monitor my actions, he held still enough to get a few interesting shots in available light.
From Covington Blog 2009
From Covington Blog 2009
From Covington Blog 2009


Mark said...

Was anything coming down when you shot this? It looks clear with light radiating from the street posts. Great atmosphere.

Jim said...


It was a couple of years ago, but as I recall there was a sporadic sleety mist, but that might have just been ice crystals blowing off the trees. In the flood shot the surface of the river has that texture, but it's magnified by the exposure time of the shot... wow, just checked it - 30 seconds, at f/22. The streetlamps shot is 10 seconds at f/36, so if there was anything coming down I guess there would be streaks, though in other shots from that night there are spots from droplets on the lenses... indeed that's what finally sent me back inside after I ran out of clean lenses and working batteries.

I don't remember if it was that night or another, but one of my 4am ice storm photoshoots gave me mild frostbite on the tips of my fingers on my right hand, since I couldn't operate the camera with a glove on. I could only get a few shots on each battery before I had to swap it out with a fresh one from an inside pocket.

I got a couple of duck shots I really like that night... I'll find them.